Jessica reads three books each week. Jesse reads three books each year. Devin will take over reading comics so Jesse can actually read a book without pictures once in a while (particularly the ones he and Jessica read together).   Jessica’s posts will most likely be brief and witty. In all probability Jesse’s posts will be long and serious. We don’t know about Devin yet, but it’s sure to be interesting.  Between the three of us, something readable is bound to make its way onto the blog.  Here’s everything else you need to know:

Jesse Post

Though he currently works as a writer and comics editor, Jesse used to work as a magazine editor, newspaper editor, bike courier, graphic designer, baker, literary agency reader, and dishwasher. He has spent too much time at all these jobs thinking about what he’s reading and this blog is an attempt to address that.

Areas of Expertise: Comics (all genres), hard sci-fi, history, journalism, reportage, Romantic poetry, visionary poetry
Other Blog: Letter Better

Jessica Lynn

Jessica admits she’s just a science geek with literary pretensions. She escapes from the daily drudgery of her job in the biotech corporate world by obsessively reading. She hopes this blog will help her to slow down her reading so she can remember stuff without actually sacrificing too much of her efficiency (there are just TOO many books to read!).

Areas of Expertise: Old and new school YA fantasy, books with dogs on the cover or in the title, British lit, Classics that aren’t Russian and books that no one has ever heard of.

Devin Reynolds

When you’re about to suffocate under the stack of your to-read pile, who do you call? Well if you’re us, you call Devin! Triumphantly answering the challenge, Devin has taken over much of the comics reading for What We’re Reading Now. In her daily life, Devin is a bookstore clerk and short-fiction writer who sorely wishes she could make pretty pictures to go along with her words. She also believes letter writing is a dying art form that needs all of our attention immediately.

Areas of Expertise: Comics (all genres), chick lit, travel writing, memoir, fantasy.
Other Blog: Devin is proud to call this blog her one and only.