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There are many stories about warped or slightly skewed fairy tales.  This is certainly one of them, but not quite.

The most important difference is of course the quality of writing.  This is my first experience with John Connolly, but it will decidedly not be my last.  He has a eye for imagery and a gentle but persistent grasp on plot.    This man knows how to tell a good story.

The second reason is that the warping of the classic tales in this story are not for political purposes (don’t tell that to the communist 7 dwarfs though).  Or for simply humorous ones (although it is quite humorous at times).  It is for one simple reason: The characters themselves made it that way.  Each of the monsters and magical perversions in this world is someone’s fear, based in the foundation of sometimes horrific children’s tales.  The rulers of this kingdom are stolen children, trapped in a world they don’t know or understand. They make sense of it the best way they can – through the lens of tales they grew up on. 

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