Cover ImageOK, I have an assignment for you. 

Cover Image

Go out to the bookstore or library. 

Get The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear.

Read it, preferably aloud, to a loved one. 



Good, now that you’ve had a little taste of Moers, you’re probably good and soundly addiction.  Go straight back out and get Rumo (sorry, I should have told you that the first time). 

I’m not a fan of sequels, and thankfully this one is not.  You will see recurring characters and creatures from Blue Bear, but you will not see (at least I haven’t so far) Blue Bear himself.  For the uninitiated, this tale of Zamonia will seem like a bunch of nonsensical balderdash.  

Readers of Blue Bear will know it’s a bunch of nonsensical balderdash. 

While readingBluebear I often stopped to wonder whether this was a kid’s book or an adult book.  Rumoleaves absolutely no room for such musings.  This book is a more violent, graphic tale, not surprisingly since the main character is a Wolperting (if you don’t know what that means, go back to the beginning of this post and follow the instructions). 

But between the goriness and battle scenes is a a true adventure tale.  Not miraculous, like the title suggests, but pretty unbelievable anyway.  I love heroes who are practically (but not completely) invincible.  Ones who instinctually know the right thing to do and do it at the right time.  Rumo is just such a hero.