This blog would be remiss if one of us didn’t at least mention Harry Potter, so here’s a brief note. Harry and J.K. have weathered some harsh criticisms over the years (and it’s been a decade, can you believe it?  If you were eleven like Harry when you read book one, you can read Deathly Hallows at a bar!) but I for one am willing to forgive practically everything (I say practically because I don’t know what is in store for the finale. I hope and pray J.K. will not let us down).  I unabashedly adore Harry Potter and turn a conscious blind eye and ear to such criticisms.

I spent the majority of last night ignoring my dirty house, my pets and Tim so I could finish Harry Potter.  In preparation for the newest book I used to read the entire series, something that is near impossible nowadays with the number of books and their inordinate length (oh yeah and my lack of time).  So this time I settled for a Half Blood Prince re-read.   I’m glad I did.  I estimate that I’ve read about 200 books since this book came out two years ago (and yeah, I bought it the first day and read it the next day!).  It’s hard to keep stories straight when they’re so involved (although one of the criticisms that J.K. recieves is that she offers clues to past stories in each of her books. I say THANK YOU, since I’m an old lady with a failing memory lately – not a vibrant 10 year old with nothing else to worry about. I need the help). 

Now I’m ready. 

Or am I?  Despite my excitement, it’s still hard to believe that the next book is the last book.