I don’t know why it took me two weeks to post something about the BBAW awards after learning of them from Ms. Stacked Blog, but I’m not known for my intelligence, after all. Regardless, what this means for you, lucky reader, is you can nominate your favorite blogs in a category list so voluminous and specific that there’s no chance of leaving out any of the bright spots on your RSS feed. Check out the gigantic honking button at the top left of this page — clicking there will bring you to a nomination form, sparkling and patiently awaiting your eager dirty fingers.

Of course, though I would love for you to nominate Yours Truly Humble Blog for anything, our content flow is admittedly spotty so I will point you to a few of those I nominated instead. (Actually, what am I talking about? Jessica posts witty, engaging stuff all the time. Nominate Jessica for awards! Go do it now!!) Any of the below blogs are highly recommended for both award nominations and general reading pleasure. And many gracious thanks in advance for any WWRN noms with which you deem to honor us.


  • Jog the Blog: Joe’s comics criticism is almost thrilling in its scope and readability, and it’s funny, to boot. Though he mainly posts quick guides to what comics are releasing in a given week, when he gets to a lengthy analysis it’s worth pouring a beer, getting comfy, and taking it all in.
  • The Kid’s Comic Book Reviews: Liam’s astute gut-reaction reviews are matched only by his freewheeling and fun plot synopses that beautifully capture the current state of comic book culture better than anyone else. Oh, also, he’s 8.
  • Thought Balloonists: True literary criticism (read: more than just reviews) from two professors who are also comics lovers. The TB guys don’t post often but when they do it’s brilliant and worthwhile and reminds you of the kinds of discussions you would have with your college lit teachers on the way to class when you were both running late.


  • Stacked Blog: The aforementioned Stacked is so great I nominated it for several categories. Christina is hoping for a few specific awards she mentions in her BBAW post but I wound up throwing in a few others that just made perfect sense, like Marcelo’s searing and spot-on essay on the Harry Potter phenomenon. Anyway, Stacked makes books seem interesting and accessible and relevant to your life — hit ’em up.
  • Paper Cuts: I feel weird recommending a mainstream media blog as mainstreamy as the NY Times, but I can’t help it — I love Paper Cuts! Reading this blog is like hanging out with people I wish I knew at the greatest Sunday afternoon cafe bull session of my dreams. It’s about reading culture, not just reviews, and is worthwhile for anyone who loves reading about books as well as typography, vocabulary words, and what your favorite authors eat for breakfast.

And with that, happy nominating, and we now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.