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I’m reading a French novel.

Just writing that conjures up all sorts of fantasies I’ve often had about my alter ego.  This girl  majored in English (instead of Science) and spent her college days sitting in the courtyard of an old, New England, brownstonish, liberal arts college.   She drank coffee (something I really do detest), read obsessively (something I actually do) and discussed the relative merits of Russian versus British authors (even in my wildest fantasy she hates those darn Russians, she is me after all. . .) with her equally pretentious but brilliant friends (my real friends are indeed brilliant, but hardly pretentious).  This alter ego of mine, incidentally, was taller, thinner, had red hair and wore glasses due to an affected sense of fashion rather than out of actual need.

But fantasies aside, it’s a New York Times bestselling French novel.  In other words, just a book like any other. Read the rest of this entry »

Cover ImageAmmon Shea is a total nerd. 

Best of all, he’s not ashamed of it.  He embraces his quirky (to some, but not to me) hobby of reading dictionaries (not to mention his voracious reading habits in general).  Not only that, he takes it all to a new level by reading the OED cover to cover (or rather – covers to covers). 

I applaud his humor, his wit and his self-deprecation because I love a good nerd, especially a self aware one.

I find books like Reading the OED completely and unabashedly undeniable. My only problem with them is that I wished I had written them, but these guys beat me to it!  A.J. Jacobs’ The Know It All is one of my favorite books (of ALL TIME).  I even found David Plotz’s Blogging the Bible an irresistible read (and I’m an atheist!).  Shea calls the OED his Everest.  He’s reading it because it’s there (which I would venture to guess is also why Jacobs and Plotz attempted their arguably insane reading mountains). I empathize with that kind of thinking. 

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