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Cover ImageI’ve already mentioned that I’m a huge Jane Austen fan so it’s no surprise that I would pick up a book with the subtitle Pride and Prejudice Continues (there are dozens of them, but, dismissing the old adage, I picked this one because of its cover art).  Not all characters are interesting enough to follow after their story has ended but Elizabeth and Darcy are certainly two that are.  One can imagine a future relationship of adventure, love and shared wit.  Something interesting was happening there, which surely would continue.  But what exactly did their happily ever after include?

According to the author – lots and lots of sex. 

One of the characters in this book, (and I’m getting the feeling  she will add to the intrigue later in the story) is Juliette Clisson, daughter of a French Viscountess.  She is the unofficial mistress and well paid escort of Mr. Darcy for many years before he weds.  She is rich, beautiful and decidedly high class despite her profession.

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife (and yes, I can only imagine the title is meant to be ironic, because it seems like all he does is take her – in the bath, in the carriage, on the grounds of Pemberly) is similar to Ms. Clisson in many ways, but mostly because they are both high brow smut.   Don’t get me wrong, this book does not aim to hide the nature of its story, in fact it’s likely the book’s main selling point.  Alas, however, I expected a story in there somewhere.

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H&GSometimes, while reading a good book I hear a buzzing, needling little voice floating around in the back of the mind.  Every time I try to capture it, it quickly dissolves away.   But it’s persistent and it generally ruins what would otherwise be a great reading experience.

I’ve spent the past two days completely riveted by this poignant and vivid  story of a young Jewish girl and her brother. Newly christened Hansel and Gretel,  they are abandoned by their stepmother and father in the woods of Poland.  Their journey toward survival is so heartbreaking and so real that I found myself wrapped in a blanket in my warm armchair, still shivering along with these two cold children hidden under leaves and snow.


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