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LeanI’m a little weary of women attacking other women.  I’m tired of hearing about the “mommy wars*” of the various types, so many that it bores me to reiterate them here.  I would really love to get to a place in our society where women can be whatever kind of women (or mothers, or not-mothers) that we wish to be without feeling the need to circle the wagons every time we make a decision.  For instance, I have a friend who exclusively breast feeds who feels that she doesn’t get enough support.  I bottle fed and feel that I was pressured to breast feed.  We live in the same world, how is this possible?  Because everyone is feeling judged.  And that’s because we are all judging each other, women especially.  And mothers MOST especially.

That is why I picked up Lean In.  Not because I thought Ms. Sandberg was attacking women (although this has been alleged).  I didn’t read any of the negative press about her before I read the book, only heard about it vaguely I passing.  But I have since.  And I’m here to tell you that there are exactly three things this book is NOT about:

  1. Women are to blame for the current lack of female leadership in the workplace
  2. In order to address this gap, women need to act more like men
  3. All women need to work outside the home

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