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COW       Pee alone

Happy Mother’s Day.  Like 12 hours early.  I feel like a rock star.  Today I have time to blog.  I’m timely.  It’s a miracle.

We’re going to broach a squirrelly topic today, reader(s), one that we’ve never tackled before.  You all do it, so don’t pretend you don’t.  If I admit it, will that make you feel better?  Ok, I read in the bathroom [be warned, there is some good poop talk below].

Not just magazines.  I read books.  (Incidentally, while we’re on the topic, I told my husband that the bathroom is OFF LIMITS for our shared Kindle  – I hope that’s not too unfair).  I get a lot of good reading done in there.  Or at least I used to (more on that in a minute).  Seriously, I read 205 pages of Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the can.  In hindsight (pun intended) that was probably not the best choice, but I was pregnant at the time and well. . .I digress.

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